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Carnet Technology designs and produces high-quality suspended-sediment/water-quality samplers and related equipment for agencies of the United States, the academic community, and those conducting sediment and water-quality studies. 

Carnet Technology has expertise to repair Federal Interagency Sedimentation Project (FISP) designed suspended-sediment and water-quality samplers, including the US P-61-A1, US P-72, and US P-63 point-integrating suspended-sediment samplers.  For information on repair services or ordering equipment please call (601) 955-0785.

The US SS-4 is a 8-Liter fluoropolymer Churn Splitter. The price for the US SS-4 is $3,300. This price includes shipping to any of the 48 contiguous United States. For information and ordering please call (601) 955-0785.

The US SS-1 is a 14-Liter fluoropolymer Churn Splitter.  Please call A(601) 955-0785 for current pricing and availibility.

The US SS-1 , "14-Liter fluoropolymer Churn Splitter"

The US DH-2A is an enhanced version of the US DH-2 sampler developed by the Federal Interagency Sedimentation Project (FISP).

The US DH-2A Sampler

The US SAH-6Y and US SAH-6R are hand-held devices used to grade or measure gravel and small cobble size bed sediments in the field and are commonly referred to as gravelometers. The Carnet Technology Gravelometers are evolutions of the US SAH-97 developed by the FISP.   NOTE:  The US SAH-6Y is currently out of stock.

The US SAH-6Y and US SAH-6R Gravelometers

Information about any of the products produced by Carnet Technology may be obtained by clicking the "Products" button on the top or bottom of this page. For answers to specific questions not found on the Carnet Technology website please click the"Contact Us" button on the top or bottom of this page to send an e-mail message or call (601) 955-0785.

The US SS-4 , "8-Liter fluoropolymer Churn Splitter"